Hearn signed $40M+ site fee to bring it to Saudi Arabia


By Matt Lieberman: Eddie Hearn received a site fee of more than $40 million to bring the Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. 2 rematch to Saudi Arabia, according to Mike Coppinger. It’s a big amount of money Joshua will be getting of the $40 million. This easily could be a career high purse for Joshua. Ruiz’s purse was already set in his rematch clause from his previous fight with IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Joshua (22-1, 21 KOs).

Ruiz’s purse will be in the neighborhood of $9 million. That’s a lot of money compared to what Ruiz Jr. was getting before he fought Joshua for the first time. Ruiz got $6 million for his fight with Joshua on June 1, and that’s enough for him to live well for the rest of his life. The $9 million+ that Ruiz gets for the rematch against Joshua is icing on the cake.

Ruiz Jr. has huge paydays ahead if he beats Joshua again

If Ruiz wins the second fight with Joshua on December 7, then the sky is the limit. Ruiz would be looking at fights against WBC champion Deontay Wilder, lineal champion Tyson Fury, and potentially even a trilogy match against Joshua. That would be a wacky idea for Joshua to take a third fight with Ruiz, but he’s already showing that he’s brave enough to risk everything in fighting a rematch. It obviously helps that Joshua’s net worth is $60 million, according to celebrity net worth. It’s easy to take risks when you already have $60M in the bank.

Joshua will be getting a huge purse for the rematch with Ruiz. Whether that’s around $30 million+ is unclear. Ruiz Jr. obviously won’t be getting anywhere near as much as Joshua, but he’ll at least be fighting him in a neutral venue. If Joshua is getting $31 million, he’s doing alright no matter how bad things might turn out for him.

If Ruiz beats Joshua, then he’ll no longer be constrained by the purse limits written in the original rematch. But it’s also highly unlikely Joshua and Hearn will dare facing Ruiz a third time, because that would be too big of a risk for them to take.

Hearn secures $40 million site fee for Joshua-Ruiz Jr. 2 rematch


“Sources tell…that Eddie Hearn secured a site fee in excess of $40 million to bring Andy Ruiz-Anthony Joshua 2 to Saudi Arabia. Ruiz’s purse was set in the rematch clause, — a fixed guarantee — so he won’t see any of that money, but he does get his neutral site,” said @MikeCoppinger. “Ruiz signed a contract for the original fight that contained a rematch clause that guaranteed him around $9 million for the rematch.”

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