Hearn sounding bitter about Khan not fighting Brook


By Charles Brun: A bitter sounding Eddie Hearn says he declined being involved in Amir Khan’s recent fight event against Billy Dib in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last Friday night. Hearn gives Khan props for getting paid for the Dib fight, which turned out to be a brutal mismatch. Hearn says the fight that he wants Khan (33-5, 24 KOs) to take is against Kell Brook.

Hearn is calling the Khan-Brook match a “Legacy fight.” As over-the-hill Khan and Brook are both looking right now, it’s difficult to take Hearn serious in referring to a match-up between these two faded British welterweights as anywhere close to being a “Legacy fight.” It’s fair to call it an “Old timer’s fight” or “Better late than never fight,” but it hardly fits in being called a “legacy fight.”

One can’t blame Khan for not wanting to fight Brook

It’s seven years too late for Khan and Brook to be fighting in a legacy fight. Brook has suffered two stoppage losses since 2016, and he’s no longer fighting against highly rated opposition. At this point in Brook’s career, he’s just sitting on the sidelines, largely forgotten by the boxing fans. You hate to say it, but a lot of fans view Brook as yesterday’s news, because he’s no longer fighting relevant opposition. As the saying goes, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ That’s the case with Brook. He’s hindered his own career by backing off from fighting talented opposition after his loss to Errol Spence Jr. in 2017.

Sounding like he’s pleading with Khan, Hearn said that he need to make the fight for the good of the British boxing public. Hearn’s tone sounded bitter in talking about how Khan should take the fight with the inactive Brook (38-2, 26 KOs)

Hearn: Khan needs legacy fight against Kell Brook

“Our contract with Amir was up with Amir before his last fight [against Billy Dib],” said Hearn to secondsout. “We were asked to work with the Saudi event, which we declined. I know Amir gets a lot of stick by people, saying the event [Khan-Dib] was a joke, but he still went and done it. Amir actually went out and done it, and got paid. So you have to give him props. But at this stage of Amir’s career, what is he after? Does he just want the money? Does he want to do different little things or does he want a legacy fight for British boxing against Kell Brook? For me, it’s the latter,” said Hearn.

It’s indeed true that Khan needs a legacy fight, as Hearn says, but is Brook the one that will give him that? Khan would be better off looking in another direction for a legacy fight rather than going after an inactive, idle Brook. There are some excellent welterweights that Khan can fight for a legacy fight, but Brook isn’t one of them.

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