James Webb on being piledrived: 'I was waiting for 'Stone Cold' to come in'


Cage Warriors 106 provided some unusual moments Saturday. While somewhat overshadowed by the oddities of a blood-soaked main event, the middleweight title fight between champion James Webband challenger Nathias Frederick had its fair share of rarities.

After a warning following a similar sequence earlier in the fight, Frederick (7-2-1 MMA) was deducted a point for a pro wrestling-style piledriver delivered to a vulnerable Webb (6-1-1 MMA). The penalty from referee Marc Goddard enraged Frederick who gave the official an earful for good measure.

The fight went the distance and was declared a draw, much to the surprise of Webb. Following the event, Webb spoke with MMA Junkie and vented his frustrations with the judging.

“I felt like I did win the fight, you know?” Webb said. “I think the two reactions at the end of the fight showed that. (I’m) disappointed in the judging to be fair. Very disappointed in the judging. I don’t know who the judges are of the show. I don’t know if they’ve got it in for me. I don’t know if their wives fancy me or something. That could be the issue. A little bit of jealousy there.”

Seemingly puzzled by the final tallies, Webb has begun to question how judges score fights.

“I think there has to be a little change, but I think it’s the last two fights we’re down on the judges’ scorecards,” Webb said. “….Our team doesn’t want to go away from rounds going, ‘Did we win that round?’ You almost want to know in your own head that you did. And to be honest with you, I don’t really know where I stand now. I feel like I fought my (expletive) buttocks off for that. And to be told I almost lost the (expletive) fight, I think it’s a joke. I think it’s a disgrace to be honest with you.”

The 29-year-old middleweight later added, “I think that’s the hardest part. It’s to put someone to the cage, drag them down, control them, and look to finish. It’s an MMA fight. Start on the feet, push him to the cage, get the takedown. I’m not there just to stand away from each other and bang.”

As for the piledriver itself, Webb compared it to something that could be seen on WWE programming. Despite the illegal maneuver that spiked him flat on his head, Webb said there was no chance he was calling it quits in the middle of the fight.

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