Hunter wants Amir Khan to train in between camps


By Tim Royner: Trainer Virgil Hunter says he wants former light welterweight champion Amir Khan to train in between training camps so that he can work on his weaknesses to try and improve his game. Hunter wants to see if the 32-year-old Khan’s boxing skills are gone or if he’s just letting them wither away by ONLY training in the 10 weeks before his fights.

Khan (33-5, 20 KOs) is coming off of sixth round injury stoppage loss to WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford on April 20 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Hunter stopped the fight in the sixth round after Khan was hit low. It’s believed by a lot of boxing fans that Hunter had the fight stopped to save Khan from being knocked out by the unbeaten Crawford (35-0, 26 KOs). Crawford was battering Khan around the ring, and it was obvious that he wasn’t going to last too much longer with the way things were going. 

Khan has been a part-time fighter

The major problems that Khan has had during his career is he takes huge time off before fights, sometimes years, and he’s not training with Hunter in between fights. Khan likes to travel a lot, and enjoy his life and the huge money he’s made in the sport. Khan isn’t the life of a boxer when he’s not in training camp for fights. Treating boxing like a part time job has clearly hurt Khan’s career. He hasn’t lived the spartan lifestyle that many of the successful fighters have, who put off living the life of a leisure until after their career. Khan has lived the soft life when not training for fights, and it’s hurt his career. Khan has been treating his training the same way his entire 14-year pro Khan. It might be too late for Khan to suddenly start training year round 365 days a year to improve on his weaknesses and keep from letting his skills deteriorate. You can argue that Hunter wants to see Khan come into the gym in Hayward, California to work with him the way Andre Ward would work. Ward was a hard worker, and always wanting to improve his game. Khan seems to be training only when he’s got a fight. Other than that, he’s traveling and enjoying his life.

“I would like to see him commit to many training camps in between fights and to work on his weaknesses before he makes that final decision to really see if his skills are gone, or if he is just letting them lay in a pile and deteriorate slowly,” Hunter said to “He never has practice in between fights. He trains hard for 10 weeks but it’s not enough.”

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