James Webb – the ultimate opportunist


Cage Warriors has become well known for putting on unforgettable nights that give some of Europe’s top talent the chance to shine. Nights that feel special from the moment they begin, with the feeling in the air that the crowd are about to witness a big moment in somebody’s career. Nowhere is that more applicable than when looking at the career of current Cage Warriors middleweight champion, James Webb. 

James Webb debuted in Cage Warriors in 2017 and lost his first fight. He went away and picked up another win on his record, giving him another opportunity to make an impression in Cage Warriors.

If you could call anyone an opportunist it would be Webb, who on his return to Cage Warriors picked up back-to-back wins at CW92 and CW95. A first-round submission over Marcin Prostko and a second-round submission over Pelu Adetola both came via rear-naked choke making it three wins in a row via that specific choke for Webb. 

Off the back of these wins, Webb was given a big opportunity: the main event of Cage Warriors 99 which would take place in his hometown of Colchester where he has a large and devoted following. Webb had come into mixed martial arts via jiu-jitsu, which he had become a high-level at. Webb says he has always taken well to sports and picked them up quickly, and his coaches have said similar things. When he started training in MMA, Webb said that he always had big goals.

“If I’m going do something, I’m going be good at it and put everything in.”

James Webb’s grappling-heavy offence has been a key to his success in recent years

James Webb’s grappling-heavy offence has been a key to his success in recent years

 This is easily seen when looking at Webb’s career so far. Already a 5-time national champion in BJJ, Webb’s aggressive grappling style was what had made him standout. At Cage Warriors 99 however, he once again took his opportunity with both hands though this time he did it literally, getting his first TKO finish in the cage against Jason Radcliffe in the very first round.

The Colchester crowd erupted and everyone watching the event could feel that it was a special night for Webb with big things to come.

That feeling was proven as justified when it was announced that Webb would fight for the vacant middleweight title against Thomas Robertson in the main event of Cage Warriors 102 in London. Webb couldn’t have been better prepared for this opportunity, after all his coach Chris Fields is a former Cage Warriors middleweight champion.

Once again, Webb took his opportunity when it came. After potentially losing the first two rounds, Webb took Robertson down in the third and locked up a suffocating arm-triangle choke, forcing Robertson to tap.

“I could feel the win coming before it even happened. I knew that submission was coming before the tap came – I’ve done that so many times in the gym. I was celebrating in my head before the fight was even finished.”. 

Once again, Webb has been given a big opportunity to shine: the chance to defend his title for the very first time in London against Nathias Frederick on the biggest Cage Warriors card of all time. Webb says that this does not add any pressure on his shoulders with the fight being in London and with the card being so big.

“The people in London are there to support me. I’m their guy. I hadn’t even thought about the rest of the card, I’m just going to do me and I’m pretty good at doing me. I’ll stand out because I’m going to finish the fight, I promise you that.”. 

Having previously said that he wanted to become Cage Warriors’ next star in London, James Webb is in the perfect place right now to accomplish his goals in the sport. He always promises that the fight will not go the distance and he hasn’t been wrong yet. Webb is an opportunist through and through, which is reflected in his career path so far and his high-level submission offence. It doesn’t matter when and how, if the moment James Webb is looking for comes around, he will lock it up and secure the victory.

James Webb will look to defend his Cage Warriors middleweight title against Nathias Frederick at Cage Warriors 106: Night Of Champions on the 29th June at the Eventim Apollo in London.

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