Lennox Lewis says Anthony Joshua needs new trainer


By Charles Brun: Lennox Lewis strongly believes that Anthony Joshua needs to make an upgrade by switching out his long-time trainer Rob McCracken in favor of a new coach to help him keep improving. Lewis points out that other heavyweights have figured out his fighting style, and know how to beat him. Andy Ruiz Jr. destroyed Joshua last weekend in stopping him in seven rounds. Just like in any sport, once other athletes know how to neutralize their competitors, it’s game over. That happens in football, basketball, and tennis.

Ruiz revealed after the fight that he’d seen the flaws in Joshua’s game, and that’s why he wanted to fight him more than WBC champion Deontay Wilder. Ruiz spotted something in Joshua’s game, and he took full advantage of it.

Joshua is resistant to dumping McCracken

AJ intends on staying loyal to McCracken despite his loss to Ruiz. Apparently, Joshua is going to stick it out with McCracken until the bitter end. Joshua is blaming himself for the defeat instead of spreading the blame to his trainer McCracken, who arguably should have taught him to use his jab, move, and fight on the outside by this point in his career. McCracken should have gotten Joshua to stay away from the weight room, so that he wouldn’t be walking around and looking like he’s about to enter a bodybuilding contest. 

What’s become obvious is Joshua’ stamina is inadequate for him to compete in fast paced fights, as we saw in his match against Ruiz. You would think that McCracken had to have spotted that flaw in Joshua during his sparring sessions, and he should have had him drop 20 to 30 pounds of useless muscle weight. Working on Joshua’s cardio should have been the first priority. A good trainer would have made that move.

“I was in disbelief,” said Lewis to PBC on Fox in talking about Joshua’s loss to Ruiz Jr. “Joshua went into the fight wrong. He didn’t really look prepared, and that was the most of it. He wasn’t prepared for what Ruiz had to offer, and that’s really doing your homework on the guy. He’s [Ruiz] a banger, and he’s got fast hands, and fast feet. There’s a certain way that you prepare for those guys,” said Lewis.

Lewis nails it on the head in talking about Joshua not being prepared. Joshua looked bigger for this fight in terms of his muscles than in his previous contest against Alexander Povetkin last September, and that suggests that he’s been working on his muscles rather than focusing on functional training that would actually help him in the fight. It’s fine for fighters to have a hobby, but when that hobby starts to negatively impact their game, then it’s time to rid themselves of it.

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