Hearn dares Wilder to KO Joshua to end his Matchroom empire


By Scott Gilfoid: In an interview with IFL TV that turned into a big rant, Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn spend 40 minutes yakking about how WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s co-manager Shelly Finkel recently said that once Deontay knockouts out Anthony Joshua, his Matchroom empire be over.

Hearn really worked up a lather over the comment. He’s now daring Wilder to take the fight with Joshua to prove that the Matchroom era will end. I mean, Wilder gladly take the fight with AJ in a second if Hearn would give him the 50-50 cut of the loot that he’s been asking for. 

A lot of boxing fans feel that the only reason Matchroom became as big as they are is because they signed 2012 British Olympic gold medalist, who the fans love in the UK, and he brings in a big ratings and money on Sky Box Office. If Wilder is able to smash Joshua, then he could remove the mystique that Hearn has worked hard in building up in the last six years with his skillful match-making. 

“On that comment, if Wilder knocking out Anthony Joshua ends the Matchroom empire, end the f—–’ empire! Do it! Do it, end me! Don’t just talk about it, do it,” an agitated Hearn said to IFL TV about Wilder’s co-manager Finkel’s comment about the Matchroom era ending.

Oh man, Hearn is sounding like he’s losing it. The rest of the interview comments from Hearn are pretty much him cycling through the same theme endlessly, and having a hard time dealing with it. Instead of Hearn focusing on Anthony Joshua’s next fight against Jarrell Miller, he’s busy droning on for almost 40 minutes with IFL TV. After the first comment about Finkel, Hearn should have changed the the subject, but instead he kept talking and talking. Frankly, it was troubling to see how deeply upset he was over this.

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