OUT OF POCKET Logan Paul claims he didn’t make a penny from KSI YouTube boxing bout


The Manchester Arena was sold out for the event, which gained worldwide coverage due to the popularity of American Paul and Brit KSI with the young audience globally.

But Paul insists talk of them each walking away with £23million from their clash is miles off the mark - and claims by the time he has paid out his expenses he may even lose cash out of the project.

Paul said: “I have read articles that have said KSI and I have walked away with $30 to $40 million dollars each.

"I cannot stress how false that is, and how each one of the fighters involved was absolutely not doing it for the money.

“Between all of the expenses, I’m not a 100% sure that I came out positive on this event.

“That means I’m not sure if I made money on the event.

“Think about it, this isn’t an official boxing league, the pay per view, unlike boxing pay per view event and UFC pay per view events was not $100, it was $10.

“There was no official major big sponsor, no Al Haymon cheques coming in, this is a couple of YouTubers doing this for your entertainment who are, yes, trying to make money but I think we severely miscalculated the expenses.

“Thirty per cent of the revenue goes to YouTube, then I split the remainder with team KSI, then I split that with Jake Paul.

"Then out of that another 30% goes to managers, lawyers, agents, everyone involved from my team, we paid for venues, our full time boxing coach.

"We flew like 30 to 40 people out to Manchester and provided them with lodging for like two weeks - I could go on and on and on."

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