Road Work – Putting in the miles


Although it doesn’t involve putting on your gloves, running remains one of a fighters most iconic and important training routines. There are plenty of images of Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather out on road, in fact Ali famously said, fights are “won or lost… out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

Running is a key component in fight conditioning and anyone who’s clocked up any distances may even have experienced a runner’s high.  However, pounding the pavements can result in tight, aching muscles which if not allowed to recover properly may lead to injury or affect your performance in the ring or octagon – no fighter wants to lose their legs in a bout!

For any athlete, recovery is key and the quicker the better.  According to an article on CBD oil in The Times on May 15 2018,  (Will these cannabis drops give you a runner’s high?), the author conceded that after taking CBD oil, “my muscles do feel a little less achy and I seem to be recovering more quickly from my daily efforts…”

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In the article the author mentioned that cyclists, runners and other athletes are turning away from OTC pain-killers in favour of more natural remedies.  It claimed in the article that;

“CBD also has an anti-inflammatory action and is thought to influence the perception of pain.  Research has been inconclusive, but one study in 2016, published in the European Journal of Pain, found that applying a CDB gel to rats with arthritis for four days decreased inflammation and overall pain.  Yet. Stephens* warns, “it is sold as a food supplement, which means no medicinal claims can be made.”

* Gary Stephens, the professor of pharmacology at the University of Reading.

In January, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD oil from its list of banned substances –(products containing THC remained banned) enabling athletes to use it.  If you decide to use CBD oil as part of your training recovery, ensure you choose a brand that is 100% THC free and uses the best and purest CBD oil such as Iso-Sport or Isodiol 

So while roadwork remains an integral part of a boxer’s training, remember it’s worth including a recovery routine for your muscles - old school roadwork on its own isn’t perfect.  

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