Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is most definitely not for the faint of heart. It is a brutal contest of skill between two people inside a locked cage. What started off as a competition to decide which was the best martial art (answer: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) has become, over the last twenty years, a massively lucrative business. Around the world today there are contests in countries like the United States, Japan, U. K., Singapore and many more.

The athletes who compete in these various organizations undergo massive damage to their bodies and depending on their skills have careers that don’t always last. Naturally with a contest with such high-intensity. So why would these MMA fighters be now turning to CBD? CBD oil and pain relief, as we shall discover, have much more of a connection than you would have thought before.

Links Between CBD and Pain Relief

One of the most talked about benefits of CBD use is its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. You may not know it but CBD is a powerful agent when it comes to reducing inflammation to sore muscles and joints. Coupled with that it also aids in faster recovery time to our bodies after training and tournaments.

Athletes from many disciplines, but particularly MMA, are finding out that if they use CBD they can improve the quality of their performances and overall wellbeing with regard to their sport. The injuries sustained in MMA can be brutal so thankfully CBD and pain relief go hand-in-hand.

How Does it Work So Well?

In order to understand why CBD works so well in our bodies, we’ve first got to know about the endocannabinoid system. This is a biological network in our body of cannabinoid receptors within our own bodies. We’ve only really known about this system in the last thirty years and because of the restrictions surrounding CBD, there hasn’t been a tonne of research done into it. But what we do know is that when CBD is introduced into the body, it reacts in positive ways.

Avoiding Addiction

There’s one thing that can be certainly missed when discussing CBD and that is the danger of the alternatives. For years now, doctors have been prescribing opioid medications to those suffering from chronic pain or severely painful injuries because there was simply no other type of medication that could deal with it. This directly affected the MMA world. Many athletes sought relief for their symptoms from addiction forming medications like Vicodin and Oxycontin.

Long-term, however, it resulted in catastrophic addiction and lives ruined. Bas Rutten, an MMA Hall of Famer, believes that using CBD oil for pain relief is the answer. Because it’s not addiction forming it means athletes don’t have to worry about becoming addicted.

Edith Larente