Colby Covington says he’s ‘got something to say’ to Joe Rogan at UFC 225


In recent months, Colby Covington has ratcheted up his trash talk game, feuding with a number of UFC welterweightsthe entire country of Brazil, and even former UFC heavyweight championFabricio Werdum. But perhaps most puzzling of these beefs was his issue with UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who Covington threatened to slap after Rogan pointed out that a welterweight picking a fight with the former heavyweight champion might not be a great idea. But even though Rogan attempted to make amends, and Covington has an interim welterweight title shot against Rafael dos Anjos coming up, “Chaos” is apparently dead set on feuding with the voice of the UFC.

Speaking with BJPenn Radio recently, Covington once again lambasted Rogan for attempting to make peace and for speaking out in the first place.

“His little mouth was trying to run and say things when he shouldn’t have an opinion,” Covington said. “You’ve never been in an Octagon, you don’t have any experience fighting. Just because you do these little Tae Kwan Do tournaments and you can’t even get first place in those, doesn’t mean you can come talk to the King of Chaos, AKA the new welterweight king on June 9th.”

Covington is facing Dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title in the co-main event of UFC 225this weekend, June 9th. Covington was given this interim title shot in large part due to his newfound trash talking, something Rogan alluded to while attempting to make amends with Covington. That was apparently enough to keep Covington’s ire up because....

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